We love this resilient farming community!  As soon as we moved here, we started looking for a cheap, fixer upper building.  We realized immediately there was a need for a centralized gathering spot for our local youth. Our school district covers a 550 square mile radius.  Most of our student population ride a bus home and are unable to get back into town (for sporting events, dances, theater productions etc.) because they do not have a car or are too young to drive.  We knew there had to be a solution to this problem. With my background in coffee/management and our love for youth, the dream was born. This would be a safe, fun place for kids to hang out.  While we we're at it, let's teach them valuable job skills that will serve them later in life.  We're SO excited to bring this space to Chapman, KS.  

Our Main Objectives:
  • Creating a safe, fun place for the youth to hang out together after school.
  • Sponsor events like: 5th Quarters, Gaming Tournaments, Karaoke, Popcorn & Movie Nights, Trivia, Game Nights etc.
  • Employment training opportunities for student interns. 
  • Internet services to complete homework, possible tutors after school. 

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